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Dynamic theme build 1.5.33175 (1.5.33175.0)

Versione corrente per Preview Versione di anteprima

Rilasciato il 15 novembre, 2019

Dynamic theme changelog

Cosa c'è di nuovo

Build 1.5.33170 (1.5.33170.0)

  • Application updates are managed into the app: you can check the updates availability in the About view and the update progress is also displayed into the application

  • Application updates management: if an update is available, after some times a notification will appear

  • Automatic repair wizard: to help you to diagnostics common errors, a wizard can be launch from the About view

  • Telemetry data are now managed by you: you can set them to full (default), basic or disable them (only if you are not using a preview of the application)

  • Settings preview: the application can now be detect if you are using the dark or light system theme

Che cosa è cambiato

Build 1.5.33174 (1.5.33174.0)

  • AppCenter SDK updated to version 2.6.1

Build 1.5.33170 (1.5.33170.0)

  • Picture viewer: your theme is now used instead of the forced dark theme

  • Picture viewer: using the in-app navigation back button instead of the legacy one (Windows 10 16299 and beyond)

  • Picture viewer: context menu is now using the last native Windows 10 UI style and icons (Windows 10 14393 and beyond)

  • Bing pictures: if your current region is not supported, a message will indicates that you are using the default one

  • In About view: updated help links

  • In About view: added link to subscribe to Preview builds

  • In About view: reworked 'Contact' button

  • AppCenter SDK updated to version 2.5.0

  • Microsoft.NETCore.UniversalWindowsPlatform updated to version 6.2.9

Cosa c'è fisso

Build 1.5.33175 (1.5.33175.0)

  • Reliability fixes of the exceptions management

Build 1.5.33174 (1.5.33174.0)

  • Reliability fixes about telemetry system

  • In the picture viewer, a 'GoBack' toolip is incorrectly display in all places

Build 1.5.33170 (1.5.33170.0)

  • In some cases, content dialogs can crash the application

  • Quality improvements and reliability fixes

Problemi noti

  • The app works with Continuum but the settings do not apply correctly

  • The notifications can be empty (no picture preview) in some cases

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