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Dynamic theme de cambios

Comparar la versión actual estable, lo más tarde Vista previa de acumulación, y versiones anteriores para ver cuando se introdujeron nuevas características y correcciones importantes en Dynamic theme.
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Dynamic theme build 1.1.0 (

Lanzado el 14 de marzo, 2016

Dynamic theme de cambios

Qué hay de nuevo

  • Support of Windows Spotlight pictures for all features

  • Personalize culture of Bing pictures (Australia, Canada, China, Germany, France, Japan, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States are supported)

  • Contextual menu for pin/unpin a settings view to your Start (with live tiles support)

  • Secondary tile with live tile feature support

  • Support of multiple folders for slideshow feature (background and lock screen)

  • Autosave daily pictures (Bing and Windows Spotlight)

  • Interactive toast notifications for save a daily picture (Bing and Windows Spotlight)

  • Some UI enhancements (navigation, open a directory from multiple folders control, badge on app tiles, ...)

  • Dutch translation

  • Portuguese translation

  • Turkish translation

  • Slovak translation

  • Polish translation

Qué ha cambiado

  • Optimize performance of background tasks for synchronizing daily pictures and throwing associated alerts

  • Optimize size of application package in Windows Store

  • Improve synchronization of settings between devices

  • Improve migration of settings after an update without having to manually start the application

  • English translation

  • Spanish translation

  • Italian translation

Lo que es fijo

  • Malfunctioning of the daily Bing picture synchronization (randomly breaking)

  • When the network connection changes, the pictures do not load anymore

  • Some UI glitches (navigation, controls visibility, ...)

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